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27 Sep - 1 Jan
Category: Bicycle, Bicycle rental
Bicycle rental from Steinkjer
Bicycle rental from Steinkjer

27 Sep - 16 Oct
Category: Activities
If you like to go on a alone, or with familiy and friends. Canoeing is a fun activity in the spring, summer and aswell in the autumn. Steinkjer kommuneskoger Ogndalsbruket KF has a total of 10 canoes for hire.
Canoeing in Ogna

Category: Activities
We start the walk at the touristinformation and ends it at Steinkjer church. Some parts of the city burned down in 1900, and during under World War 2 the city was bomded. Almost the enitire city centre was destroyed.
Citywalk in Steinkjer

Kystriksveien - Nordland
Category: Sea kayaking
Join a kayaking adventure amidst Helgeland's beautiful island-strewn coastline, by day or under the midnight sun.
Tømmervika Adventure Center - Basic course in sea kayaking

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1 Jan
Category: Activities
At Strømnes you can join different guided tours in and around Straumen.
Strømnes - guided tours

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